The world is visual – Using OpenOffice Draw with AWS Simple Icons

I already mentioned that this blog is based on the AWS Free Tier. In in the upcoming blogs I would like to visualize the environment I am working with. MS Visio is not an option because I don´t want to buy it. I picked OpenOffice Draw instead because its free and it seem to be possible to import the AWS Simple Icons (SVG) format.

1. Install Apache OpenOffice Draw

  • I am using Windows 8.1 (Ubuntu will be installed tomorrow 🙂 so downloading and installing the executable did the job

2. Download the AWS Simple Icons

  • Download the AWS Simple Icons (SVG/EPS) and extract the zip files into a folder you like
  • I used “My Documents\AWS_Simple_Icons_svg_eps”


3. Import AWS Simple Icons into the Gallery/Theme

  • Open Draw
  • On the right side switch to “Gallery” (I use the German version so I guess the names)


  • Click on “new topic”
  • Type “AWS”
  • switch to “Files”
  • choose “SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics” as file type
  • click on “File search” and choose the folder you used in step 2
  • click on “add all”


Ready for use.



Go docker compose!

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