3. Lintop – One keyboard/mouse to rule them all – Synergy-project.org

Lintop is a post series related to my linux desktop

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  2. 2. Lintop – long live the Queen or “GO Ubuntu”
  3. 3. Lintop – One keyboard/mouse to rule them all – Synergy-project.org
  4. 4. Lintop – Safety first – Automated backup with Clonezilla booting from USB drive

On top of my desk there are to PC systems right now. A Windows 8.1 box which is capable to run “apps” in full screen mode 🙂 and the Lintop Ubuntu box. I searched for a solution which enables me to use just one keyboard/mouse but control both screens. I found the Synergy project. This is really a cool solution and worth the few dollars.

Watch this video to understand how it works.

Some points why this is great for me:

  • If you are in full screen mode playing a shooter (Windows) -> The mouse will not jump to another box.
    • But if you press “Esc”, so a mouse pointer will be shown -> you can jump to the other screen
    • The game will not be minimized  when you set “Don’t take foreground window on Windows servers”
  • define smaller areas where to jump to another box and where not to jump
  • Multiple screen support
  • Copy&Paste clipboard from one box to the other
  • MacOS, Linux and Windows support

A screenshot of my simple configuration:


Go fio,

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