1. Lintop – A new world – Linux desktop based on ASRock Q1900m µATX

Lintop is a post series related to my linux desktop

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  1. 1. Lintop – A new world – Linux desktop based on ASRock Q1900m µATX
  2. 2. Lintop – long live the Queen or “GO Ubuntu”
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Today i received my new linux desktop based on ASRock Q1900m. I ordered this hardware because I need a linux environment which can run all day without draining hundreds of watts per hour.


So a new world is born: Lintop (Linux desktop)

Because I will run some minor performance tests with this machine it is important to define the exact hardware and firmware.

This Silvermont (Bay Trail-D) based system with the J1900 provides:

  • SOC (System on Chip) architecture
  • J1900 @2Ghz
  • DRAM – DDR3L 1333
  • Gen 7 Intel HD Graphics
  • 6-port SATA AHCI Controller
  • High Definition Audio Controller

Lintop Hardware

MS-Tech LC-01µATX Slimline dekstop chassi--Chassi fan regulated by CPU temperature
ASRock Q1900MµATX Mainboard with Intel Q1900 CPU1.50-Intel Speedstep - ON
CPU CStates - C7
XD-Bit - ON
Intel-vt - ON
16GB Kit Crucial Ballistix SportDDR3-1600 DRAM (2x 8GB)--
SanDisk X110 256GB256 GB SATA SSD (6Gb/s)X231600 running at 3GB/s
(Mainboard limit)
ioScale 410 GB Fusion-IO (SanDisk) PCIe Flash drive7. at PCIe v2 x1 lane (Mainboard limit)
Realtek 1Gbit/s (Onboard)1 Gbit/s Network Adapter -RTL8111/8168/8411rtl8168g-2_0.0.1rtl8168g-2_0.0.1
Samsung SH224DBCD/DVD drive-




2 thoughts on “1. Lintop – A new world – Linux desktop based on ASRock Q1900m µATX

  1. Joe

    How is this working for you? I might be using this board for low end file server. (Ubuntu 16.04 + mdadm raid1 and samba).


  2. admin Post author

    Hi Joe, it’s running all day with Ubuntu 14.04. I am using it mostly for some simple development with Golang. CPU may not be the strongest but for a file server this should be a good bet. Never tracked the real power consumption. From a noise perspective. I believe its really silent because its on my desk.

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